Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making HUGE strides!

Wow, so much has changed in such a short amount of time. I have a full blown mobile toddler on my heard me correctly. MOBILE! Violet has learned to scoot and mastered it in a day lol. She has also started saying a few small sentences like "I love dada", "hey there dada" and "it night night" when she is ready to take a nap. She has currently claimed mommy as her personal jungle gym (I have the bruises to prove it lol). Of course she is still a little diva and we are ok with that :) We are planning our first big family vacation down to Disney World for a week in around a month where we will be visiting with one of my long time girlfriends.

Here are a few videos....

This is Violet standing while leaning for the first time. 

Violet scooting for the very first time

 Violet showing her signing till the end :)

 Violet cracking up

 Violet shaking her bootie


Violet's first sentence...I love dada...toward the end...

Here are a few pictures I have taken of Violet over the last couple of months :)

She was NOT giving up her pumpkin!!!


  1. I am so proud of her and all her amazing accomplishments. She is a fighter and NO ONE will keep her down. Like I have said before, she gets that honestly. :-)

  2. Love seeing her!! What great photos! Thrilled all is going well!

  3. She is absolutely adorable! Loved seeing all the great photos! What a precious jewel you have:)

  4. I have been following you and your family on and off since "New Year's Eve" and your wedding on Fodor's. I could not be more impressed and so admire your fortitude, courage, and positive attitude. Violet is totally adorable! And, I very much appreciate your blog, photos, videos. A million thanks for sharing all with us.