Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Regression is an evil word. A word that is stealing my child away from me. My beautiful baby girl no longer wants to be held. No longer gives love. No longer plays peek a boo. No longer hugs. No longer waves. No longer.....just keep the list going because this is what Autism has taken from us and keeps taking from us. Regression is the term the Dr.s use to describe what she is dealing with. We are being scheduled for an MRI to check for a brain tumor or brain damage just to be on the safe side...but this is common for Autism.

I miss my baby girl's arms wrapped around my neck. I miss her snuggles. I hate seeing her work so hard to learn something only to have it stolen away from her memory. I'm holding on the best I can but sometimes the threads holding me together seem so weak.

Of all the things I miss....I miss this the most.