Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 in photos

Violet's birthday was a trip to the Dr to update her shots 

Violet's actual party was a cowgirl theme. The cake was made my my mom and I made the horses for the cake.

violet loves this hair piece

Violet's one and only day in Pre K before we pulled her
from the program

 The photograph was taken by me but edited by a dear friend, Christina Ramsey

 Violet took a sign language class but she enjoyed playing much 
more as she already knew all the signs lol

 She also loved shopping while at sign language class

And playing the piano

Further in the year Violet was diagnosed with C diff yet again. In this photoyou can see the busted blood vessels in her face from screaming so much.

 My beautiful little flower

She loves her mommy :)

 The Easter basket was almost as big as she was lol

 Hanging out with Uncle David

 Took some photos while visiting family in Kansas in May

 Violet supporting one of our home teams

Playing with her ipad

 Early May we were blessed to be sent to the Shriners Childrens Hospital in Louisiana for Violet to receive custom braces
for her legs.

Violet trying to destroy the blanket I had JUST finished making her not 10 seconds before

Violet playing with her new puppy Niko 

Violet playing with her best friend, her older cousin KK

 Violet with her cousins at Easter

Violet with her Papa at Easter

 Violet with her Nana at Easter

 Halloween we decided to make use of Violet loooooooong hair so
she was Rapunzel.

 Daddy's birthday dinner

She wanted a desk like mommy's

Baby girl was sick with RSV

 Mommy got her a desk of her own right next to my own desk so we can "work" together.

 Trying on glasses...she was not impressed LOL

At the Dr for C diff :/

My little goofball

Violet playing with Niko

 Loving on mommy

 First sip from a straw!!

Silly faces

 Sitting on mommy's wedding dress

Opening night of Mommy's art exhibit

 Giving her great grandmother love

 Girls trip to New Orleans