Friday, August 5, 2016

Murder & Suicide Hidden in Children's Sing Alongs

I was scrolling through Facebook one day and a dear friend happened to post a video that had gone viral. A mother was absolutely distraught after finding a video on her daughter's Youtube Kids app that was a sing along video of the popular kid's song "Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger" that depicted Mickey Mouse and his family killing each other and committing suicide. The clip was hidden in the video. What seemed like a completely innocent children's sing along had turned in to something completely horrific. And I froze. My heart skipped out of my chest and tears welled in my eyes. I was now facing the same exact horror that the mother in the video was facing. I didn't even need to see the video she was describing, I could hear it. I new the voice on the video likely better than anyone's voice in my own family. My daughter, Violet watches that particular Youtube channel each and every single day and sings along with it. It's an easy song with simply drawn characters and is fun for her to follow along with. But how could these clips be in these videos? I had personally inspected at least 5 or 6 of these videos months ago to make sure the channel was safe for her to watch. That's where the channel got us...they inserted the clips a few months ago...after we had already started watching the channel. This is a VERY popular channel. Many of the videos have over 4,000,000 views so they often come up as suggested videos for children to watch. They pop up without your child even looking for them. They're there, over in the side bar just waiting for your child to click on them. And it's disgusting. They were labeled as "educational" and "sing alongs" until the owner of the channel got wind of my petition to have them banned and removed the labels and now just have them labeled as "lyrics". But they will still pop up because of the key words like "Mickey" and the character names that your children love so much.

While I was typing up this blog post they were removed off of the Youtube Kids app thanks to the petition. But are still on the Youtube app and suggested among all the other children's videos. The owner of the channel has been removing the videos that I post to the petition so I took videos OF the videos to prove that the violence was hidden in them. To prove to Youtube that it was there. So the proof will be posted here on this blog. Youtube, we want this Youtuber banned from Youtube Kids permanently, please don't just remove their videos for now. Please ban them for good. We want a BLOCK feature for channels on Youtube Kids. We deserve this as parents. Please, we beg of you. For the safety of our children, put a block feature on the app. Our kids have seen enough...this needs to end HERE.

So this is why we have the petition. We want to get this Youtube channel banned permanently from Youtube Kids. We also want Youtube to enable a BLOCK channel feature for Youtube Kids for instances like this. It's not enough to just flag a video. We need to be able to protect our kids. We shouldn't have to start petitions, contact senators, contact media etc. We should simply be able to "block" the channel so our children don't have to be subjected to the violence. There is enough hatred and darkness in the world, our kids don't need to have it fed to them in something as innocent as a sing along from their favorite Disney characters.

Below this photo you will find a link where you can watch clips from each of the videos from this Youtuber which is Superkidz Finger Family. The link is on my personal business website, due to the size of the files they wouldn't load here on my blog. I took video with my phone since the youtuber was deleting each of the videos when I was posting them to the petition to have them banned trying to cover their tracks. This is to show WHY we need to have a block feature on the Youtube Kids app. 

Click here to view the videos

Thursday, August 4, 2016

My daughter often watches the Youtube KIDS app on her tablet. She loves the sign language videos, nursery rhymes and sing alongs. It's helped amazingly with her enunciation and vocabulary and sign language skills. Yesterday I found out that one of the channels she watches ALL of the time has hidden in their sing along clips of the characters murdering their families and committing suicide. Yes, you heard me, on a children's video. On a children's app. I watched several videos from this channel on my own before allowing her to watch them. I thought they were safe. They only put them in to a few videos so they are well hidden and it just happened that the videos I had watched didn't have them in it. I'm horrified.

My sweet Violet watches this channel and sings to these videos each and every day. She has watched all of these videos. She has watched them murder their families and commit suicide while singing along to the songs. And now as a parent to a child with special needs...I'm not even sure how to even begin to explain to her that what she not OK. That it's a horrible thing that she saw. Did she even understand what she saw...I just don't know. I have no idea what is going on inside that head of hers and that is ripping me apart. She was targeted as a child. Fed these images. And I am angry.

These videos are specifically labeled as "educational" by the creator and hidden inside of seemingly innocent videos so they will be allowed on the Youtube Kids app. Unfortunately with the app you cannot block the channel. Reports to Youtube have gone unheard. I have started a petition on to try to get the channel banned from the app. PLEASE, share and sign the petition. Our children should never be allowed to be targeted like this.